Looking for a creative way to share the transformation Jesus had done in my life, Outset Apparel was born. Combining my passions of fashion and Jesus, I was able to start a company that sparks conversation about who God is and who we are.


  • God chose us from the beginning as his beloved creation. (Rom. 8:29)
  • We get to choose him in return and begin a relationship with him.
  • When we wear Outset we are initiators in beginning conversations of where we’ve been and the new beginning we’ve experienced in Jesus.


Outset propels believers to listen to other’s stories, and share the Gospel by empowering individuals, igniting passion, and redefining identities. 

Listening to Stories 

When we become Christians our lives are radically changed. We have the opportunity to share this change through our  testimony. When we share our testimonies we talk about our lives before Jesus, how we encountered him, began our relationship, and how our lives have been changed by his love ever since that point on.  Believers have the opportunity to share our stories of the freedom of Jesus, and lean into listening to others’ stories about their experiences so that they feel seen, valued, and known.

Empowering Individuals  

When we become Chrisitians we are given Holy Spirit as a guide and helper that lives in our hearts (Romans 8:11). Through this indwelling of Holy Spirit we become empowered to walk boldly on mission everyday speaking of our new beginning Jesus. 2 Timothy 1:7 states, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” Therefore we have been given this identity of righteousness and can empower individuals that we encounter in the same way and see them through the eyes of Christ.

Igniting Passion 

Passion is something that drives us as human beings. Passion is a strong emotion that we can’t help but share with others, it is something that is instilled in us by the love of Jesus. We are stirred in passion as believers when we are united with others who are mission minded. This passion comes to life as we start conversations about the freedom and joy we’ve experienced in Jesus. When we align our souls with the Father’s we begin to lose our fleshly passions, and adopt Godly passions as our own (Romans 8:6).

Redefining Identities 

When we become Christians we lose our sin nature and adopt our identity of a son and daughter  in Jesus. We are seen as righteous in the Lord’s eyes and are given a new standing in his love (Romans 8:10-11). This means that we get to celebrate our son and daughtership in Jesus, and can share this with others. We no longer have to look at people as the world sees them, but we get to call them into their true identity that is found in Jesus. We have experienced this freedom, and  can’t help but share this joy with others of who we truly meant to be.

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